Definition of a Shaman: One who sees and feels the interconnectedness of all life. To a Shaman, everything is alive and they know that the spirit that flows through their own Being is the same spirit flowing through all things. 


This focuses on alignment with the Archetypal Powers of the Medicine Wheel as we pass through the Four Directions. 


  • You will learn that in order to pass through the South, you must shed your past;
  • To move through the West, it is first necessary to conquer your fears;
  • In the North you will align yourself with Universal Energy and learn to work with Time;
  • And in the East, you will integrate the wisdom of a Master Soul into everyday life. This will give you the tools to overcome all things, and walk as a Being empowered by the Love and Light of God. 



This focuses on Lateral Alignment, reconnecting with your sub-personalities. This realignment is essential for reaching the Higher Self.

  • You will learn to dissolve the dysfunctional sub-personalities, a process called
  • Balancing the Internal Medicine Shield.
  • You will also learn to connect with the Nurturer in the South,
  • The Child in the West,
  • The Warrior and Adult in the North,
  • And the Sage in the East. The results of this balance are a life filled with joy. 



This focuses on vertical alignment, how the three aspects of the Mind correspond to the chambers in the Great Pyramid.


  • You will learn to clear fears and prejudice from the Subconscious;
  • You will bring the male and female into balance in the Surface Mind;
  • You will explore the Shadow Mind and the mysteries of the Goddess;
  • You will give the God Mind its rightful place as the Master of your Life and much more.

The goal of life is to be a clear channel for the light of God, otherwise known as the path to Ascension. As you follow this path, you will find that you are also walking the path of a master healer, as all things become subject to you. You will be given ancient knowledge and techniques, previously taught only in Mystery Schools that will quicken the transmutation of your physical body into a living bridge between the worlds.