This is a one-hour session where you can ask questions regarding personal, business and relationship issues.

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This one-on-one session involves guiding the client through the process work using the Mystery School healing techniques, targeting the blocked areas of your life that prevent you from enjoying:

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  • Good health
  • Satisfying relationships, careers and much more.

This session serves to realign and activate the energy/frequency body, release old patterns of trauma and fear, and empower an individual with renewed strength and clarity. It raises consciousness because you will feel at all levels.

  • COST: $


Please note that this session is not to be interpreted as an independent guide to self-healing. Simon is not a doctor and does not practice medicine. Any information provided in this session should not be in lieu of a consultation with your physician or other health care provider. Any reference to the word “healing” refers to the individual healing experience that a client may have had. Any reference to Simon as a “healer” is only a descriptive term used for Simon, as he merely acts as a guide for each client as they work through their own individual healing experience. Simon or anyone associated with this session assumes no responsibility for the results of the use of any technique described herein. 

Healers Certification Program Fundamental Level

This will be an in-depth, hands-on, intensive training for healers of all modalities. These Mystery School healing techniques are different from what is out there in terms of other healing modalities. They are the key to altering reality AND the techniques cannot be misused – perfection is all there is.

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This is not meditation. It is not healing modality. It is beyond that – it is the path of Mastery. It raises consciousness because you will feel it at all levels. These are the tools to do it. This is what the shaman and masters have used to create reality spontaneously. Consciousness is defined as the ability to be aware of your feelings at different levels of reality. All you know is through feeling, not through senses. It’s through the Heart that you will create.

You will learn:

  • How to realign and activate the energy body;
  • How to release old patterns of trauma and fear, and empower an individual with renewed strength and clarity;
  • The practical application of dealing with the client as a being comprised of many light bodies;
  • Understanding the flow of Universal Energy – from the Universe to the Individual;
  • Sound Healing Techniques;
  • The chakras – time-release capsules of seven degrees of light
  • How to restore balance through integrating these energies and much more.

Balancing The Internal Medicine Shield

This focuses on Lateral Alignment, reconnecting with your sub-personalities. This realignment is essential for reaching the Higher Self.

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  • You will learn to dissolve the dysfunctional sub-personalities, a process called
  • Balancing the Internal Medicine Shield.
  • You will also learn to connect with the Nurturer in the South,
  • The Child in the West,
  • The Warrior and Adult in the North,
  • And the Sage in the East. The results of this balance are a life filled with joy.


An NLP personal breakthrough is a highly customized and unique process that assists the client in making extraordinary change by identifying and removing faulty strategies, neurologically installing healthy new strategies, releasing disempowering negative emotions and limiting beliefs, identifying inner conflicts and obstacles standing in their way and finally defining setting and installing goals for the future.

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In a personal breakthrough, the client is given tools and techniques for quantum change and empowerment, thereby allowing them to develop and build new neurology for health and success. Problems and issues that may have persisted for years can be permanently eliminated in this powerful process

A Customized Personal Breakthrough involves:

  • An extensive and deeply layered approach to the presenting issue
  • A coaching relationship between client and practitioner Techniques used in NLP, Time Line Therapy and Hypnotherapy
  • Task oriented process to keep client engaged throughout the process
  • Complimentary phone assessment to determine if the personal breakthrough format is appropriate
  • 1.5 Hours Skype call Discovery Session - $175 (fee waived for those who proceed)
  • 10-15 hours face-to-face time and 10-15 hours of practitioner’s time for assessment, task review, coaching, e-mail and telephone contact.
  • Guaranteed results

This process is incredible powerful and clients who are accepted into the program must be committed to change and willing to do whatever it takes. To find out more about this process and to see if it is a good fit for you, contact Simon. Results Guaranteed



Success coaching packages are available for those interested in business coaching as well as for clients looking for additional support after completion of a Personal Breakthrough and also for those in a period of transition looking for guidance and help as they make changes in their lives. Coaching may involve all modalities from personal breakthrough and arrangements can be made to customize and coaching plan for 3, 6, 9 and 12 month contracts. Customized process-fee determined by duration and frequency of service.