The Body Elemental
By Simon Kehinde 


It is meant that the lifestream who takes embodiment on the Earth will develop a dual consciousness as early as possible, realising without a doubt that they are not the same consciousness and being as their body which they wear during their waking hours.

It is important for each to know that they leave their body in order to go on for special training and allow the Body Elemental to clean house for a few hours.

We have the rest of our life in this embodiment, and beyond, to continue our coming to know life through the eyes, touch, taste, hearing, and olfactory sense of our physical Servant...our true Help-mate on the Earth.

The Body Elemental is our ‘Earthsuit,’ because we wanted to experience the Earth in a physical way-to know the earth, air, fire, and water that is the life on the lower vibratory plane sustained for young Gods and Goddesses in embryo.

The freedom of the Inner Realms is greatly decreased, not just by the bands of forgetfulness that are strapped ‘round one head,’ but by the fact that one cannot use thought and visualization as a means of locomotion or gaining physical sustenance. The necessity of the Body Elemental to ingest physical sustenance is a high priority to that blessed one, as well as good air to breathe in, full of pranha, and clear water to cleanse both the inside systems and the outside skin system, which is in itself a massive organ.

It is unfortunate that most embodied lifestreams see themselves as trapped in a body or fall victim to letting their Body Elemental take command because they are lost in the world of form, wandering without Purpose. The Body Elemental knows its Purpose and will do its best to survive-which is the driving rhythm of the song of nature-but only for so long. Please real-ise that your Body Elemental is something different than you; a Volunteer Who has stepped forward in service to allow you to experience the Earth.

Some lifestreams can hear their Body Elemental speaking to them and respond favourably to Their promptings and urging. Other Body Elementals Who are frequently ignored must resort to communication by means of the language of pain. This is how the system was designed. It is intended that a lifestream feel pain if there is something serious that they need to do, some change that needs to be made in their way of living-usually on the mental or emotional level, for it is the most difficult task for a Body Elemental to deal with the energy that is unbridled and negative in nature emanating from Their ‘owner.’ What most lifestreams forget is that what harms the Body Elemental harms you, and what harms you harms the Body Elemental. It works both ways, but since you have the power of control, you also have the burden of responsibility to always respect, love, and care for your Body Elemental. One cannot just ignore its cries for help by masking the pain or acting like its signals don’t count. Such behaviour will eventually create a behavioural problem. Those Body Elementals Who have not received the right attention can easily build up anger, resentment, despair, and form a generally negative outlook based on Their master’s own outlook.

In order to stay balanced and healthy, both man and Body Elemental need to renew their connection to the natural world of the Earth as often as possible.