The Holy Christ Self
By Simon Kehinde 


Each one of us is a living, breathing representative of the Third Person of the Trinity [Father-Mother God]. Children of God – sons and daughters of the Creator of all Life.

The true individual can never be standardized. The priest has his way of meditation and the American Indian has his...but both of them have a physical vehicle shielding the same God-Presence, and the same Holy Christ Self within. There is no difference! The Holy Christ Self is the common denominator that links every lifestream upon the planet, be they eastern (an oriental), or western (an occidental). There really is no difference between you and the man living in the high Andes, walking with his llamas. And so you cannot condemn others for doing their invocations and speaking the way they do, and neither can they condemn you for doing it your way. Give to your fellowman the right to express the purity of their true individual nature, according to their developed state of consciousness.

“I was a man Who came to earth for a Divine Purpose...voluntarily. I chose to show mankind, in a time of great darkness, what God’s destiny for each and every one was to be. Through misinterpretation of The Law, unfortunately, I was set apart as the ‘only begotten Son of God’, I came to bring the Example of Eternal Life.” - The Ascended Master Jesus, The Christ