The Cohesive Power Of Divine Love
By Simon Kehinde 



A Special Teaching by

BELOVED LORD VISTA-Eloah of The Fourth Ray

I AM VISTA, the All-Seeing Eye of the Eternal God! I have come this day from the Great Central Sun (the “Sun behind the Sun” as it sometimes called) as a Cosmic Messenger, rendering the great service which is performed each Christmas Season, when the highways between the Galaxies are opened and the Great Golden Doors which separate the Solar Systems are swung ajar.

Then, Great Beings, Who are naturally held by the cohesion of Divine Love within the orbits of certain planets, are given freedom to travel between planets and Systems, thus enjoying the glory of Cosmic Friendship in Universal Service. At the opening of the Feast of SHENANDOAH each year, at the celebration of the Christ-mass, the Solar Systems open the Cosmic Highways. May I explain to you just a little of what this means in relation to your own rather limited knowledge of Science?

The gravity pull of Earth which holds the physical forms of your evolutions upon the planet during the course of embodiment also through magnetic attraction holds those unascended lifestreams who particularly belong to Earth’s evolutions, even though not in embodiment at this time. These latter abide in the atmosphere of your Earth at different levels of consciousness. These “levels” are sometimes referred to as the “Inner Realms”. Similarly, there is a like power of cohesion which holds within the compass of each Solar System, those Intelligences, even God-Free, who are rendering Service to the Evolutionary Scheme. The cosmic Currents which surge like great tides through the Galaxies, so far beyond the comprehension of your finite minds are very powerful; so much so that even Intelligences of great Light might be swept out into a different course from which They began, were they to proceed against the cohesive power which is the governing order of the Galaxy, the Solar System or the Planetary Scheme.

So at the time of the Christ-mass, there is a great Cosmic Dispensation granted, and the ‘King’s Highway’, We might say, is opened from the Central Sun beneath it in this Galaxy, as well as to Their planets. Certain magnetic currents are then established through those Highways, so that those Intelligences Who wish to travel may do so in safety and not be swept into other Cosmic tides. As these Intelligences are thus enabled to visit other Stars, Suns and Systems, They associate with Friends Who are there, some from the Angelic Kingdom, Ascended Masters, and Cosmic Beings. This also enables such “Travelers” to visit and participate in the activities of the Ascended Master Retreats on Earth which are active during this time, ministering to the unascended evolutions of our planet. These experiences are the gift of the Cosmic Christ to these Intelligences Who serve.