A Special Christmas Message
By Simon Kehinde 



From: BELOVED AEOLUS – Cosmic Representative of The Holy Spirit

The CHRIST-MASS SPIRIT begins to flow around the first of December, and carries through for seven full weeks until the 12th or 14th of January. The Christ Spirit is an outpouring of all the perfect Qualities and of Love, from the Ascended Masters, and other Divine Beings, and it pours over the Earth like a golden rain of beautiful particles of Light.

Each particle is like a nine-pointed star, and the entire lower atmosphere of Earth and the bodies of all the people are enveloped in it. It increases in power until Christmas Eve, when its potent Presence is almost palpably felt by even the coarsest outer mind. To that outpouring of all the Celestial Beings is added a tremendous radiation from the Retreats and Sanctuaries throughout the world, under the direct guardianship and guidance of the Masters and conscious chelas (students), such as yourselves. Every year this outpouring increases, just as a musical creation builds to a crescendo of blended harmonious sound. And each Christmas is more perfect and glorious than the preceding one, because the momentum from the Ascended as well as the unascended state, is growing constantly. It is also wise to accept all that the Christmas Season offers, because it is one of the greatest opportunities for soul and spirit growth that the whole year affords. When one is aware of this potent force, it can be greatly intensified in and around you for the evolution and progress of the spiritual nature. You can INVOKE this radiant outpouring and, as the elctro-magnet draws particles of substance from the atmosphere into itself, so can you draw the substance from God's Kingdom and so feed the evolving spiritual nature of your being. During the Christmas Season, the atmosphere is literally 'star-dust', which the people breathe in, unconsciously filling their inner vehicles with a sense of ease, peace, and happiness which they attribute to the 'Spirit of Christmas'.

In entering the Holy Christ-Mass Season, every aspirant on the Path has the great opportunity of consciously being that GRAIL into which the Divine Consciousness, which Jesus lived and expressed, may enter. To cultivate, think, and meditate upon the Consciousness, Feeling, and Radiation of the Master of Masters is to become like Him in Nature; and to become like Him is to gain your own freedom!...and by so doing, you give Him another instrument (or vehicle) through which He may pour His Radiation, in order to fulfill His work and Mission of being the example of The Christ on earth, in a flesh garment. Let this, then, be your Christmas and New Year’s Endeavor.

I give you now, each one, My Christmas Blessing. I give you the Happiness from a Realm where there is no sorrow. I give you the Blessing of a Peace that comes from perfect Understanding. I give you a Blessing that carries the vital life from the Presence of All Life, and which is an inexhaustible Fountain of Flame; and with this Blessing comes the Love and Blessings from the Seven Chohans (Lords) of the Rays.

A Blessed and Holy Christmas be yours, and a New Year in which only Victory shall be the experience of each of your lifestreams. May the Joy, Love, Example and Accomplishment of Beloved Jesus, The Christ, be yours...now and forever!