The Momentum!
By Simon Kehinde 



Each one of us has developed over a long period of time certain momentums that make us a conductors for specific qualities that represent the Nature of God. These momentums are our individual and voluntary gift to Life. This is what service is; giving back to Life some of our developed Self. The greater the alignment of our four lover vehicles, [Physical, Emotional, Mental and Etheric/Spiritual] the more efficacious will be the results of our heart’s call!

If you are constantly bombarded by-not only tramp thoughts and feelings, words and actions, but projected ones...and you have not A POSITIVE AURA which moves more rapidly than that which is directed toward you, it shall become a part of you...because like attracts like and merges with that which is drawn to it. Therefore, it’s essential that we build those Virtues and Qualities of God so that if it is required, we have already more energy within and around us than the imperfect appearance.

“Mechanical and scientific to the utmost, is The Law! Whatever Power has the most energy in your own world is the Power which will act; in emergency particularly.”