The Forces Of Nature
By Simon Kehinde 



Excerpt: From Mighty Goddess Of The Water Element's Message! If the Forces of Nature don’t do something to clear up the mess, then life would suffer even worse than what you witness during and after a cleansing, in whatever form it takes.

It is unfortunate that the result of this merciful action is nothing but bitter resentment from man. You write about the record winds and gales, the unusual currents, the unprecedented number of hurricanes, tropical storms and tornadoes as if you had nothing to do with it! You do! If you don’t use your power correctly, then someone will have to come in and correct your errors. Oh man! When, oh when, will you ever learn!? We are looking to you to help.

Now, in these times man has discover more about the underwater life of seas and oceans than ever before. The beauty of it cannot be denied-and yet, you go on destroying it! It must stop.

The greater answers to Life will more than adequately explain the facts of life. You keep going for facts first. No! Go for God; go for the Greatness of Creation, the Spirit that created what it is you are just discovering, hair by hair. I sometimes must laugh when I see scientists making their ‘great’ discoveries. It’s another hair on an elephant’s tail! You can and must do better, and it begins with casting off individual, tiny, selfish concerns, and talking to US! Talk to Nature! Talk to the Beings that so want to help you. This is always true because we are holding hands together while we travel through space on this precious Orb in the oneness of life.

The bountiful variety of physical life evolving on the planet Earth is dependent on the crystalline purity of the precious water element. I am a part of you-at least three-quarters of you in your Elemental state!

The whole world cannot exist without cooperation, but the root of cooperation is Love and Friendship. Begin with feeling the Friendship. Feeling comes from your emotional body, and that is tied into the Water. It is your largest vehicle, and the one you most need to learn to control. This planet is predominantly made of water. But it is the Power of Love that is the key to your Power; it is Love that that unlock the doors to the Universe. What is all around you for the taking can only be acquired by your giving, and this is the only ‘trick’ to life!