The Freedom Of The Heart
By Simon Kehinde 



Within the heart of man there lives the Immortal Three-Fold Flame-Plumes of LOVE [pink], WISDOM [gold], and POWER [blue] of Life, which contains within Itself the POTENTIAL power of ALL the Flames of Divinity.

Even medical science affirms that, although they can do much to assist in the preparation necessary to allow the healing of the body to take place, the actual healing comes forth from within the patient – The Innate Intelligence within the body.

Therefore, I implore you this day-right now-to contemplate the Power of that LIBERTY FLAME within you, and allow It to show you the magnetic pull that is within your Heart.In a simple illustration-if you are depressed (and in the atmosphere in which we move it is not impossible for such feelings to enter the emotional body from time to time) Place your hand upon your heart and give your attention to the Sacred Fire. Then, ask that Sacred Fire to change the quality [transform] of your feelings. Think of something for which you can be grateful to life, and you will see how powerful is the action of the Fire to change your feelings...and, in changing your feelings, to give you an opportunity to emit light which not only repels, but DISSOLVES shadow.