Consciousness And Vibration
By Simon Kehinde 



Discarnates and other humanly created manifestation, constantly draw our attention to them-negatively. They are constantly interfering with our communication with Higher Ideas...with Perfection; for where our attention is on Perfection, it cannot be on imperfection and an imperfect astral world now exists. “There are many beings in the astral world who are trespassing in God’s Kingdom. They do not have the right, or the authority to be where they are”- naturally they need our attention to survive!...and all efforts are made to constantly direct our attention to their world, their being, and their misqualified momentum, so that from us they may draw the Power of God Almighty. If we place our attention on things that are somewhat “dubious”, existing in the astral realms, are we not encouraging them to continue with their nefarious schemes, to constantly sustain our attention in their direction?

There is only consciousness and vibration, and according to our consciousness IS our vibration! The more heightened our consciousness, the more heightened is our vibratory rate. It is the great One’s fervent desire to raise the vibratory rate of the astral world: A very necessary world.