By Simon Kehinde 



INTELLIGENCES: Always there will be greater and lesser evolving intelligences surrounding you, as you journey along the glorious Pathway of Creation.

 Those that you perceive as ‘Greater’ hold out Their Hand of Friendship, and offer to you all of the assistance that you need in order to manifest your own Individuality. Those you perceive as ‘lesser’ than you, look to you with the same awe and admiration, and it is part of the great chain of unity that you hold out your hand in friendship and grasp unto another part of life in Love, with the developed Power and Momentum that is yours to use. Thus you stand in the middle, holding onto what you might perceive as being the ‘greater’ or the ‘lesser’, but nevertheless forming an important link in the great ‘Chain’ of Life. The only inherent weakness in such a ribbon of Life is when one member begins to assert him or herself as actually being greater or lesser than the Life to which he or she holds, and lets go of...the Hand of God which binds them to the Nature of God-TRUE LIFE OF GOD...ETERNAL!

Excerpt: From The Teachings of Beloved Lady Humility