Spiritual Nutrition
By Simon Kehinde 



The inner things, the invisible things, that are the most important; spiritual nutrition, first and foremost, should be what all seek. When you have good spiritual nutrition you can grow your life into a perfect expression of God. Being balanced will keep you healthy and allow you to express the desires that are pleasing to God and beneficial to you and all mankind.

In the Spring air is a spiritual nutrition that can be breathed in. There is nothing else like it. You must take time to absorb it. You must consciously desire to be filled with it in order for it to give the greatest benefit to you.

Walking by a crowd of tulips without taking notice in a conscious way of their scent, color, shape, beauty-their essence-will not give to you the gift of their Being which they are freely offering the world. Being a part of the beautiful creation that has been brought forth. See and feel and smell the real beauty and essence of each. Yes, they see different shapes and heights, but so much of it is simple outward description. Assimilate the Inner Power; take the time to become one with it.

Perhaps they are walking because they feel they must walk for their health. Getting from the starting point to the ending point without appreciating all the components along the journey is certainly a waste of time, and the more you hurry, the less you can absorb. In other words, the more you go through life hurrying your hours away, the more you waste of life and the less you have. It is not usually worthwhile. When God is in command then everything has its own time and you have no need to worry, except to do what you need to do as best you can.