Mystery School
By Simon Kehinde 



The world is the schoolroom of God...This school has its grades and its classes, its sciences and its arts, and admission to it is the birthright of man. This Schoolroom is a gift of love provided by Mother Earth, we cannot just skip class. We will get our lessons somehow.

Man learns through suffering, through experience, or through grace; each one may choose his or her ‘teacher’.

All of life has a goal that is being met, an unfolding drama of going from one point or one level in life to another. One cannot hurry the process, for it is the process that gives to us the advancement that we seek. Everything we do requires some kind of process – a progression of steps in a logical order – in order to be able to come to full accomplishment. Hurrying comes from impatience with oneself or from the impatience of some other part of life and responding to it.

All Life is evolving on the Earth and it is rising into the Flame of Perfection, and it needs Resurrection to be born again and again and again. It has been said that “Four walls do not a prison make,” and that is because the spirit of man is free in its buoyant hope and love of life. And no one can take that away from you except you.

It is the inner things, the invisible things, that are the most important; spiritual nutrition, first and foremost, should be what all seek. When we have good spiritual nutrition we can grow our life into a perfect expression of God. Being balanced will keep one healthy and allow one to express the desires that are pleasing to God and beneficial to you and all mankind.

GRATITUDE: Have gratitude every day for your being, for Mother Earth and every day for the special Blessings that have been given to you: the wind and the rain, the Sun, the water, the air that you breathe.