Spring Eternal
By Simon Kehinde 



There is renewed life that comes forth seasonally all over the world. In some part of the world, the seasonal change is quite drastic. No matter how ‘dramatic or not’ it may be in some part of the world, nevertheless, it’s still occurring all over the world.

The Winter is designed to purify the earth so that when life is brought forth anew and resurrected in the Springtime, it will be in purity and the greatest amount of perfection possible for any Elemental to express in their given circumstances – some of which are better than others. It is no different for them than it is for us. Following that cleansing, and following that time of preparation, when it seems like they are nothing – nothingness in order to realize everything...EVERY thing! - then they come forth.

“Life in its primal essence is obedient to the qualification of Self-Conscious intelligence (Ascended or otherwise).” Those Beings Who have chosen through Their Own thought and feeling centers to develop a momentum of the Resurrecting Power, give that power as an impersonal heritage to all life following Them upon the Pathway toward redemption. Thus, there are momentum of Healing, of Peace, of Illumination, of Resurrection, etc.

At this Easter Season, when We acknowledge One Who proved the Power of the Resurrection Flame as the victorious “overcoming of the last enemy” (death), We may choose to invoke and utilize this Flame also, and find the practical results in a resurrected soul, mind, body, and feeling world.