A Gift Of Love By A Brother 


“If people would just realize the Power that lay within them, they would understand more why, when it is awoken, it is truly like a ‘tiger in a cage’. The Power of God, when released, pours through not only the Spiritual body but The Mental, Emotional and Physical bodies as well. Consequently that Power brings alive everything that had formerly lain dormant – both good and bad – and both must be handled with aplomb.”

“As the Master of your ‘household’ it is essential that you treat your servants [Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical bodies] with the greatest of respect; if not, all you receive will be lip service in return for your callous disregard of their true worth. They are willing to serve you endlessly, with love and respect, providing they receive yours also, and never again will you have the ‘butler’ run off with the ‘maid’!”

“Take charge as a child of Light, and remember always to take charge; otherwise you will be little better than a little white ball thrown into a spinning roulette wheel by the ‘croupiers’ of life, coming to rest at the whim of fate.”