The Quickening Power Of Resurrection
Excerpt: From The Sacred Teaching


I AM The Cosmic Spirit of The Resurrection, Servant of the Most High Living God, come this day from the heart of the Universal.Why does not mankind command Me? Why does not mankind seek Me? Why am I not welcome within the breast of the human race-when the smallest blossom, the tiniest seed, the smallest bulb, invokes Me-draws Me into its bosom, bursts its bonds and becomes a magnificent, fragrant and flowerful manifestation of the glory of God?

I have been sent from the House of the Lord to a recalcitrant race, in which death, disintegration, disease and decay are written across the bodies that should be immortal, shining and blazing like the Sun; and who has welcomed Me? The daffodil, the crocus and the early forsythia? Wherefore, man are thy non-mastery and thy in-hospitality?

I AM the Cosmic Spirit of Resurrection, the HOPE of Eternal Life and Light, invoked in the tomb of Jesus, and blazing through His transfigured flesh, drew Him into Immortality!

I AM the Cosmic Spirit of Resurrection blazing through the nature kingdom! Wherefore man, is thy in-hospitality to Me!

Command ye Me, O mankind of this earth! Why linger longer in decay! Why linger longer in those bonds of disintegration! I AM speaking to your hearts! What seek ye man? Hope! Wealth! Illumination! Peace! Purity! Beauty! God supply! Ye had it all once! Within your Life It dwells-dormant, true-but I AM that SPARK which kindled with your life essence, can resurrect for you the Immortality that you once knew!

Come ye back from the dead, O man, and grasp My Hand in Love and Light! Let Me enter into your imprisoned consciousness, which you hug so tightly that it becomes a repellent force to all that would set you free! O, burst asunder, man, and let the Flames which We represent and which are intelligent, conscious Life, enter in and mingle with your Life Essence and SET YOU FREE! You, the tinder-We the Cosmic Spark of Life and yet We stand with hands folded, with eyes downcast, with no summons and no purpose-although Servants of man and Servants of God!

Think not that the Flame is an intangible and senseless ephemeral dream! Every Flame is an embodied Consciousness of Light and Life RUSHING FORTH to serve!

I AM the Cosmic Flame, the Spirit of Resurrection, charging through, charging through, and CHARGING THROUGH that shell of unbelief, that shell of non-acceptance, that shell of lethargy!

I AM willing Myself into your hearts, and where My Flame meets your heart Flame, Resurrection of Divinity occurs. Because you have had sight once and hearing, and Intelligence and youth once, there is Hope, because I AM the Resurrecting Power bringing back that which was given to you of God! O, when God gives once, remember, He never takes away! It is you, who temporarily push the Gift aside.