The Unifying Power Of Humility
Excerpt: From The Teaching of Beloved Archai Lady Humility

What is Humility? Most human beings in physical embodiment, because of their limited consciousness and lack of understanding as to the true nature of Divinity and Mastery, and the use and control of God’s Energy, cannot comprehend the great Power of Humility. It is a mighty unifying Force for GOOD.

This is why the evil forces would always first seek to separate lifestreams, one from another, or from Angels, or from Elementals, or from any other God-Being. That is the opposite of the great Force and work and momentum of the Seventh Ray. Examine, if you will, what so often is the cause of such blessed ones leaving the mainstream and the wholeness and goodness of life, and becoming separate.

Whether they are individually alone, or whether they choose to reinforce their choice to become different from the general flow of the Nature of Life and join with those of a like-minded group, does not matter. They have still proclaimed and manifested their desire to be apart from their wholeness rather than a part of THE WHOLE. They are looking to the group to find their wholesomeness, but it is God Who is the Creator of ALL and it is God Almighty Who is wholesome.

The over-riding attitude and predominant mode of thinking that serves to bring about such a way of life begins with the most seemingly innocent thoughts. A lifestream (Individuation) begins to hold the attitude that they are ‘better than...’, ‘different from...’, ‘equal to...’, ‘saved...’, ‘more intelligent...’...etc and etc. Sometimes, when a lifestream realizes that he or she may not have had all of the experiences and learned all the lessons that others may have, they also exclude themselves by saying that they are “not as good as...”, which serves as an excuse for them to continue on with their present behavior.

My precious friends of Light-brothers, sisters, children, teachers-the moment that you come from the center of your magnificent God-Created Beings-coming from the point of the Image and Likeness of God-you will manifest that in the deepest humility, and you will desire to bow before all of God’s Wonderful, Intelligent, Living, Growing Creation! And in your recognition of that Life you will remain one with it, and you will be a part of that Greatness. This is what gives you the access to God’s Power, which has been there for the taking since first you realized “I AM”. Always there will be greater and lesser evolving intelligences surrounding you, as you journey along the glorious Pathway of Creation. Those that you perceive as ‘Greater’ hold out Their Hand of Friendship, and offer to you all of the assistance that you need in order to manifest your own Individuality. Those you perceive as ‘lesser’ than you, look to you with the same awe and admiration, and it is part of the great chain of unity that you hold out your hand in friendship and grasp onto another part of life in Love, with the developed Power and Momentum that is yours to use.

Thus you stand in the middle, holding onto what you might perceive as being the ‘greater’ or the ‘lesser’, but nevertheless forming an important link in the great ‘Chain’ of Life. The only inherent weakness in such a ribbon of Life is when one member begins to assert him or herself as actually being greater or lesser than the Life to which he or she holds, and lets go of...the Hand of God which binds them to the Nature of God-TRUE LIFE OF GOD...ETERNAL! This is the result of human judgment and opinion becoming manifest as a result of a dangerously evolving ego in the human experience. The human psyche cannot just observe and learn from such an observation without making comparisons. It cannot accept as a simple fact the observations made without either praising or condemning what ‘it’ sees. This is the way of those who would assert their human ego, and use the power gathered by “The Other” to affect others who are also living in the presence of such a humanly-created ego’s misconceptions concerning it is seen from the so-called ‘vantage’ point of the humanly-created personality.

Once this precious lifestream has placed him or herself in such a position of rivalry, rather than unity, then it is only a matter of so-called ‘time’ before the negative effects make their way into the delicate, physical world of Planet Earth through such a one. This is the cause of the selfish, destructive, and unbalanced energies that prevail at this time. What if every lifestream were to cease thinking that what they are and what they have brought forth for themselves in this life, was the best… or the worst? What if each were to just look around the world, and see that what they have and what they are could not exit without everything else around them. What would be the point of existence in such a world devoid of all life except that which was created by Life itself? No, you cannot live without the Gifts of Nature any more than can I, and to live in balance with Nature begins by bowing before its power with deepest reverence. It begins by recognizing that you come from the same Source, are made of that same material, and are striving to manifest the Perfection of the Divine Design.

Realize, dear one, that you are neither better nor worse. It is just perhaps that in realizing your own so-called ‘mastery of life’ you might be realizing other than your own Divinity. Yes, you might be further developed than some other part of creation, but how did you get to where you are today? You did not absorb such knowledge and experiences in a vacuum. You can only grow in your own heart’s application of the Love, Wisdom, and Power of God by interacting with all a part of ALL Life! If you consider yourself any different from any other part of life, then you lose your power to constructively interact with the components of the very Life that is yours, and which you have chosen to compare yourself with. You will eventually lose your love of life, and you will find yourself no longer loving God or the Nature of God… a condition which is, unfortunately, all too prevalent amongst the many on this precious Planet who already have too much, but do not appreciate what it is that they presently have in their hands and use. Gratitude is the heart of Humility, because it is in recognizing the Source from whence the Gift comes that THE SOURCE is thereby honored. And by honoring the Source of all life, the Life that you have becomes one with ALL, and you draw ‘down’ into your world the world of Opulence…the world that knows no end, no hurt, and no judgment. Thus does the world of Humility come in and replace Trust, for even though I AM very much of The Seventh Ray, the trust that is of The First Ray is so much a part of Humility because it is in trusting God that you can LET GO AND LET GOD. You are here to add to Life, not to take from it. Yet, you are free to take from Life what is sufficient for your needs in order that you may give back to life what Life needs for the survival of Life. You are here on this precious Planet to learn to give, because by your nature you have chosen to give. You are learning to create in perfection, but that perfection can only be yours if you learn to honor The Source and see ALL of Creation for what it is, whether it is yours or another’s.