From The Master Library Archives
by Beloved Holy Aeolus - Cosmic Representative Of The Holy Spirit

When the student of the Higher Laws has reached a certain place on the Path of Evolution, he (or she) finds, to his surprise, that instead of dealing with an ‘Abstract Principle’ (as meta-physicians name the Deity) he is now brought into contact with specific Beings Who, through individual merit, are given the responsibility of assisting in the evolution of the Universe through the Authority conferred upon them by Cosmic Law. These Beings are known to evolving mankind as “The Masters of Love and Wisdom”.

At Inner Levels, the student is summoned before the Lords of Karma, where the record of the lifestream is examined. If he or she is found to be mature for wider service, he is brought to the attention of the Master in charge of a certain activity in line with his (the student’s) training and capacity, after which his individual service to the Great Cosmic Law commences, even while he is yet unascended.

In his outer personality, he is completely unaware of this initiation, which accounts for the seeming disappointment, dissatisfaction or frustration very often encountered in the newly-awakened but uncomprehending chela (student). At this time, he or she is rather inclined to doubt and disillusionment, as he is under the impression (like the majority of students on the Path) that when the Masters of Wisdom are contacted, his own individual effort ceases, and the seemingly ‘humdrum’ work pertaining to the Cosmic Office to which he has been assigned seems tiresome and unimportant.

If the advancing chela could find it within him or herself to trust the Love and Wisdom of the Great One, under Whose care and protection he has been lovingly placed by the Master of All Life, he would immediately realized that he was not being ‘disciplined’ but rather was being lovingly prepared for a far Higher Office in the Father’s Kingdom. He would then tackle the job at hand with zeal and enthusiasm, understanding the full meaning of Jesus the Great Lord’s statement; “Because thou has been faithful over a few things, I will make thee a ruler over many things. Enter thou into the joy of thy Lord!” [Matthew 25:23]