Seeking Union With Divine
by Simon Kehinde

There is no one particular route that can be given as being the true Path by which every man or woman on this planet must come to a Divine Union with the Creator/The Source/God, but come each one must-and inevitably they will, no matter how many countless life-times of pain and suffering it might take, for that is Divine Law.

You set your feet upon the Path the moment you resolve to do so. This is the first step, and a very simple one. It could very well begin by responding to a heartfelt invitation by those who are already on the path or through advertisement or blog posting such as this, to join your energies with a selected group of kindred spirits like yourself.

It is said that: “The ways to God are as many as the breaths of the sons of men”, and this is true to a certain extent. But it is the directness or indirectness of the route that counts.

It is essential to have access to reliable Guides who are willing to take you through the “valley of the shadow of the astral” up to the Higher Slopes, and keep you on a course suited to your climbing ability.

The Way becomes more challenging the higher you go – the razors Edge, and it has its progressive “difficulties” But just as all Rays unite in the Heart of The Central Sun of our Planetary Solar System-so it is that the higher you get, the choice of routes becomes less and less until they coalesce. You naturally draw closer to those who have come up by other routes, and you realize that you need each other. As initiates of the Higher Degrees you have something in common, until you stand, hand in hand, on common ground together.