Role Vs Mask
by Simon Kehinde

A role is only another little fragment that we play in a stage of life. A mask is incorrect value system or miss-perception – having to pretend.The “Mask” stop being a mask and the role start to be a role when you realize that there are no important moment, that everything is exactly the same value. Each moment is equally important.

It’s not dishonesty to assume any identity when you have NON, because any identity is dishonest. We’re a being as vast filling all that IS! We’re role playing on the stage of life.

I’m willing to play the game but I don’t believe it to be who I am and neither are you. When one buy into the identity or label, then it become a mask that you’re wearing. Enjoy whatever role you are playing within the endless possibilities. If we believe any one of them to be who we're, then it's a mask.