The Order of 7 Main Chakra Opening - Part 2
by Simon Kehinde

The opening of the seven chakras, follow the same sequence as “Walking the Labyrinth”.

It’s interesting to note the order of the chakra opening: If the Sacral Chakra is not opened the Heart Chakra will not open fully either; whereas if you are not afraid of pain, you’re not afraid of getting hurt, because you know how to take the pain the heart chakra will open.

4th Colour: Green

Fourth Chakra - Heart Chakra remains open when we learn how to grieve. People become hard-hearted when life becomes so painful they can’t bear it; they shut it down. When we learn how to take pain just like taking a shower as we allowed it to flow through the body, we don’t judge or analyse it at that point while we’re experiencing it. Envision yourself standing in a shower, as it goes through the dense matter.

Later on, after you have gone through the experience, then you can do the analyses of it. But while it’s happening you, just take it and flow with it – fluidity, you don’t resist pain because it doesn’t feel good. You allow it to wash you clean. It’s an alchemical process that burnishes away the dross. Any resistant will form a congeal scar tissue around the heart.

When you shut down your feeling of pain, you will not be able to feel pleasure, love or some of the other emotions either. When you go through the process of non-resistance and allowing, your heart is like a child’s, it has no scar tissue, just love. It’s the heart that sheds it appreciation on life. If you suppress your feelings, they will still jerk your strings and then you’re not free when you make your choices.

5th Colour: Violet

Seventh Chakra - The Crown Chakra comes online when the left and right brain have combined together, when you’re willing to flow with life and you’re willing to harness and be a good steward over its energy at the same time – Movement & Measure is combined within you.

6th Colour: Indigo

Sixth Chakra – When the left brain has some resemblance of order, “The Third Eye” will come online. It does not get order until the mind is silenced – until the internal dialogue ceases, when we have learned the lessons and gained the insights of these past experiences.

7th Colour: Blue

Fifth Chakra – The Throat Chakra will shut down if we do not trust our ability to speak when needed to speak our truth without warping the web; without causing damage. If we do not trust our ability to say what we have to say when we need to without causing injury and karma, and when we’re not forward living and we’re not embracing life, the throat chakra closes down. It’s the throat that drives us forward into the mystery to embrace the unknown within the known.