The Order of 7 Main Chakra Opening - Part 1
by Simon Kehinde


The order of the seven main chakra openings; when they are opened this way form  a tube torus.

1st Colour: Yellow

Third Chakra - Solar Plexus Chakra fully opens when we realize the interconnectedness of all life. It’s this Chakra that has to connect with the rest of the Universe, and when it does, age will slow down considerably. Aging is caused by viewing ourselves as separate from the rest of the universe, from the rest of creation. As we understand the interconnectedness of all life, our ripples extend through-out all of creation; the slightest ripple in it affects distant Galaxies.

2nd Colour: Orange

Second Chakra - Sacral Chakra fully opens up when we learn to listen to our fears with the eyes of God - Dispassionate watching and observing; to see if there is something here to learn. A fear is a knee jerk reaction that is like a little fly in the spider web. It’s an indication of incorrect vision and when we correct that it give us power, it give us nourishment like a spider going to get her little fly. There is tug in the web; the tug is the knee jerk. If we understand and use our fears to expose the limitations in our vision and use them as growth mechanisms verses something that pushes us back and down and hold us back. When we do that, the 2nd Chakra opens -The fear in this case is when we think it’s possible for something to arm us accidentally.

3rd Colour: Red

First Chakra - Root Chakra fully opens when we realize that it’s with the passion of our life that we push the density back. It’s absolutely essential for us to live passionately, to find what it is that makes our heart sing and to do it joyfully. When we realize that anything worth doing is worth doing with all the focus, love and attention - When we get that whole heartedly the root chakra will remain open.


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