On Freedom of Choice
by Simon Kehinde

This is my highest truth for today on the subject of “Freedom of Choice” this might change tomorrow as I am experiencing life anew moment by moment, as such I am not attached to being right or wrong but everything to learn.

What is generally considered as “freedom of choice” is program choice. Here is why? At the highest level you could say that we have no choice, the only choice we have is to make the highest choice of our potential. What is your highest choice? It’s that which most fully reflects your true nature “A being as vast as the cosmos having a human experience” - The choice that reflects that to you is always your highest choice.

Because when you choose anything less than that you’re being forced either through pain, through suffering or through other consequences leading you to make the highest choice. So at the end of the day the only choice we have is to make the highest choice, anything less is not a “freedom of choice”, it’s dictated by fear or limitation. In other words, when you’re choosing out of fear, out of programming that’s far from been a free choice. It’s not freedom, its program choice. The only free choice is to step out of the box.