The Four Steps of Body Light Assimilation
by Simon Kehinde

1st Step: The Pineal gland (Crown Chakra) is the lens – It processes the light into what the body can assimilate.
2nd Step: The Pituitary gland (The 3rd Eyes Chakra) is the attitude - through the way it looks at the world create the attitude that places a slues in front of that light – If your attitudes are pure and clear, the pituitary allows the light to come through.

3rd Step: The Thyroid gland (Throat Chakra) is the filter (The Thyroid is much bigger when we’re little than when we’re older - It atrophy).  It filters this light before it goes to the next step.

4th Step: The Thymus gland (Heart Chakra) – The Thymus determines whether our cells will regenerate themselves.

Each of the chakras has a gland associated with it and these glands cannot be functioning properly when we have problem with our chakras. In my next article I will be sharing the perceptions needed for each of the chakras to open and much more......