Hold On to Nothing & Set Yourself Free
by Simon Kehinde

What I am sharing is my experiential knowledge of how I shattered the self imposed wall of confinement into the vastness of my being as an inspiration to those who responded to the call of their heart. Our beliefs are the re-enforcement of this confinement of limitations. This is very paradoxical as this implies that there is a place that we’re not –We’re home wherever we are in our oneness – A being as vast as all that IS having human experiences.
Believe is a mind constructs an opinion or that which has been passed on to us through social conditioned life. It’s a conviction that has been accepted as gospel truth.
Blind beliefs are what this is all about this need s to be re-examining ruthlessly by questioning why we hold on to certain beliefs. The way to deal with information being presented to you is to stay open for unlimited possibilities by “believing without believing and accepting without accepting” and be alive, awake, alert and active in other word be fully in the moment and observe, it will be confirm to you in your environment because of our interconnectedness with all live, everything is here and equally important hence it would not be here and there are no redundancy in created life.  Put new information you’re presented with that invoke resistance in the “ledge of your mind” – this is knowledge.  Resistance drains our energy. Hold on to nothing and everything will be yours.
Beliefs put you in a category of how you’re expected to act or behave in your relationship with others.  In my search for truth through various organized religion and new age groups each with its limiting beliefs and entrapments. The Toltec teachings is invaluable training in walking this beginning-less and endless journey. When we’re put into any category of some sort we’re predictable which leads to been in a rout and stagnant energy. The result of this is that consciousness is lost which leads to illnesses. The answer to this dilemma is fluidity – vary your activity within your relationships, when you do something out of expected norm and predictability you harness new resources.
What about faith?
As you read about breaking free from the hold the beliefs has on our life, I can hear some of you asking but what about faith?   Faith is a quality, the focus here is that when I talk about faith it’s the feeling and response engendered, it’s stepping forward with confidence. Faith is what is needed as a comforting foundation that allow you to come forward, despite outer world experiences or apparent circumstances, whereas belief is a concept when fear arises we cling to our beliefs – It’s a crutch and for us to express all that we are, crutch can only be a temporary tools until we gain our bearings, it must be done away with to express our greatness.
It’s a razor’s edge journey you’re embark upon, it’s not for the fainted of heart this is your journey just as it’s mine, we’re the Way-showers otherwise you will not have read this far I commend you for your courage in stepping forward.
Namaste, It’s the ancient Sanskrit salute it means “The God in me honours the God in you” There is only ONE life.