Restoring the Flow of Universal Energy
by Simon Kehinde

The gateway of an individual's consciousness is open to discord or blessing only from within. Nothing can enter unless the individual opens the gate through the four lower bodies of man: Mental, Physical, Emotional and Etheric/Astral. These bodies are independent of one another, each with their own function, yet what affects one, affects the others. They share a connection. 

Just like mountain climbers, they are linked to work as a "team," but the slippage of one affects them all. The true function of the mental body is to see "behind the appearances" and to lead us away from any dis-empowering thoughts which could pollute our world through our social conditioning and programming of limitations. The true function of the emotional, or "feeling body," is to access the unknown into the known by going beyond what the mind is capable of accessing.

If the mental body is allowed to dwell upon any disempowering thoughts, such as perceived imperfections of other life-streams, impurity, and other negativity, it will eventually involve the emotional body. That body then "comes over to see what is going on" (so to speak), and a new roller-coaster descending into a lower vibratory rate is started. Thus, the "team" is plummeted into a lower frequency. 

 The emotional body will continue to add intensity through feeling. As such, the "team" is plummeted into a lower frequency and resonates with the accumulation of the collective thought-forms vibrating on a similar frequency. Like attracts like - this is an impersonal law of life. It has nothing to do with any particular individual. This then impacts the physical body, which is the basis for the manifestation of all disease. 

 The etheric body is the record keeper of what you have experienced. If what you have experienced in the past is still controlling you, it means you have not gained the necessary insights from the experience and the situation will persist until the insight is gained. 

Any new similar incident which is experienced will re-open the sore spot of past unresolved issues of your life. These unresolved issues are now being brought forward to the present moment, pulling in the mental body to read the content all over again, which again, adds even more intensity. The downward spiral continues, taking the whole "team" with it. When you allow the vibrations of any of your bodies to become discordant, you immediately sink into the mire of the negative mass thought-forms and feelings of the entire human race. 

What started out as just a simple thought has now ended up “tuning” the frequency of your whole being - Remember, that just like a radio station or television program, nothing tunes into you unless you tune into it! When this situation occurs in you, there is only one thing to do if you desire to be the master of your world. You must increase the vibratory rate of those bodies, by raising them to the point where harmony, purity, happiness, peace and general well-being once again exist. The real you is the master and these bodies are to obey your command. 

 During the upcoming seminar you will learn how to remove blockages which impede the flow of Universal Energy and how to maintain the alignment of these bodies to serve the purpose for which they were created.