Love Is God!

LOVE IS GOD - “Your Presence is God’s Gift to you, and all of the things necessary for your training is also God’s Gift to you. What you make of your presence, your betterment of life by your individual unfoldment, is your gift to God.” - Beloved Archangel Chamuel

Th Seven Archaii are: Lady Faith, Lady Constance, Lady Charity, Lady Hope, Lady Patience, Lady Grace and Lady Humility. They are specifically here on Earth to serve mankind. They represent the Gifts of God represented in the Holy Spirit – The Power of Comfort.

“The power of the Holy Spirit, the enfolding Spirit of the Mother-that gives to us the confidence to go on in life.”

These are the feeling engendered and the response engendered by the seven gift to all Mankind.

Faith – “The feeling engendered and the response engendered by Faith is “Stepping forward with confidence.”

Constance – “The things that have been, ARE and always will be, for example: “the Sun will come up every day – In life there is a constant, rhythmic pulsation that is carrying us through life.”

Charity – It’s a blessing that there are those in the world who embody Charity - “Take my hand and I will pull you up! I will give to you what you need when you are desperate.”

Hope – “Is that little glimmer, that little spark that lights up your heart, that encourages us and says “Yes, you're all right; everything will be okay. You can do it! It can still work. Everything can be made new. It’s up to us.”

Patience - “Is holding on to the Infinite with the full assurance that in time-if one have enough love and one have enough desire-our dreams will come true. Then again, part of Patience is simply learning our timing, and perhaps maybe just a little bit of Understanding.”

Grace - “What is the comfort of Grace? Grace is like running water in a stream. As that water pours forth, comes down and tumbles over the rocks and enfolds the land and supports the life, it goes around and surrounds and swirls over and blesses everything in its path. It is like the oil that helps grating things stop grating, so it is a soothing aspect, a life-enfolding aspect. It helps to take away the irritation. That is Grace, and it finds itself expressed between two beings who are grating against each other as Human Understanding.”

Humility - “The power to manifest the holy Will of God-for in Humility is the acknowledgment of the precious, sacred, and holy quality in nature, of all life.”

These gifts are given to you, they are our comfort-they are the foundation of the Mother to urge you forth and raise you up in the world of form-that you might do likewise.”



Source: Ascended Masters Teaching