Crossing The Bridge!

In His teaching to the students, Serapis Bey says: “The Fourth Ray, which it is My privilege to represent, signifies the BRIDGE from the human consciousness to the Divine or Spiritual awareness of the supremacy of the Presence of God in man.

It is as tangible a step as moving from a tenement across a moat into a castle. The lifestream dwells in the consciousness of his own choosing. The lifestream is the inhabitant and the consciousness is the habitation. To draw an individual out of the consciousness of the human thought, feeling, sense desires and habits of the centuries into the Ascended Masters’ awareness of Perfection is not the work of a moment, for at first the lifestream resents the change-it is heavy with the weight of centuries and basks in inertia. When one is bidden to ‘Rise and go to the Father’, it takes all of the strength of the soul and all the might of the Spirit to cast off the shackles that have become, alas, its dear friends. It is only when the voice of the Presence speaks the fiat that Beloved Jesus thundered into the tomb-’Lazarus Come Forth’-that We find the strength of the inner desire of the aspirant. From Cosmic Heights the Cosmic Christ sends forth the Fiat to the bounden spirit of every man-COME FORTH, and here at the Bridge stand I.”

Excerpt from the teachings of – Beloved Serapis Bey

Source: Ascended Masters Teaching