The Spiritual Ingredient!

YOUR DIET IS NOT ONLY WHAT YOU EAT: “There is unseen spiritual ingredient inside the food that’s grown from the earth? it’s similar to the air you breathe. It’s not just that your body needs oxygen-you need pranha: What is Pranha? ( need spiritual sustenance. It’s the same thing with the food you eat. There is a certain spiritual factor, and it can be greater or lesser, depending on how it was grown, how it was produced, and how it was handled.”

“Eating poor varieties of vegetables grown without Love, in conditions that are not favorable for that particular variety, is going to be like eating ‘fast foods.’ Yes, you fill your stomach with it, but what do you get from it? It’s not as healthy as home-cooking; it’s not as healthy as when you eat vegetables that have been raised in Love, ripened on the vine, and picked in their time.”

“Mankind worries about all the additives and food-coloring's that are poisoning him, worries about the insecticides and the fertilizers….but what about the thoughts and the feelings and the lack of Love that went into what they are eating?”

“Everything has a place….everything: insects, mold, fungus (you like to eat some of that), snake, rats, ants….but some people think that they must eradicate all of them. They don’t realize that there must be balance. And that’s what you’re here to learn-the balance of Power and Wisdom in Love. Those are the three very important things. You can have as much scientific, factual knowledge and application as you want, and that is very important, but if you do not apply it in Wisdom and Love, you take the most important germs and microbes that are here in the earth for a purpose, and turn them into weapons. Well, it’s not a very wise choice, is it?”

This is an ideal situation if it’s at all possible. Regardless it’s very important to give gratitude to God, the nature and the elemental kingdoms, who brought this to manifestation under God’s command and the human effects that make this possible as we bless and transmute all the impurities from what we ingest into our body. For example: This is how I bless my food before I ingest it into my body: [Thank you Father Mother God for this food and supplements and I thank the nature and the elemental kingdoms who brought this to manifestation under thy command and the human effects that make this possible. I call forth the angels of transmutation to transmute all impurities from these, so that my body may be nourished into perfect health.]

Excerpt from the teachings of – The Goddess of Agriculture

Source: Ascended Masters Teaching