The Law Of Harmony!

Why is there not peace? “The root cause of it all can be summed up in one phrase: lack of Harmony.”

“Achieving Harmony is the ultimate goal that is attained through Tolerance, Understanding, Acceptance, Compassion, and all of the major Qualities of God generated by the Divine Heart of God-Love!”

“Harmony within assures that the consciousness of an individual can function on the God-Plane- meaning that such a one can act in Love with the Wisdom from the calm Silence of the unending eons of Life’s experience- The Great Silence of the millennia to which all of life belongs.”

“The problems that you see rampant about you in the world, and that often come into play within your own private world, exist and continue to exist because human will is used to support one particular cause or another, to the detriment of all else.”

“However, evil and the spread of practices that are not of God, cannot coexist with what is of God in true Harmony, for that is allowing the expansion of what is not of God, which is encouraging evil to flourish. There can be no true Harmony in that. Let this not happen to you, precious ones, in the name of so-called ‘peace’.”

“You cannot be insular. And in your realizing that truly no man or woman is an island, you will come to the full realization, beloved ones, that you are part of the whole. In your contemplation of the whole, you will realize that there is no place for you in the whole, simply because when you realize your place you will cease to realize the whole. It is a question of you just being and becoming a cell within the body of the whole. You are part of every breath of life, that every leaf and every wayward bush is and breathes. You are part of that, and everything in life depends upon your presence, just as you depend upon the Presence of Almighty God in your life. The strength of God lays in the Power and the Presence of God that is within you and in turn that gives you the strength to give the Power to your Father-Mother God to assist God in your life, as you share life with life.”

You have come into this world to MAKE AN EFFECT – to be a Radiating Presence at all times; to push out and widen the Borders of the Kingdom of Almighty God, and once having established a forcefield (an intensified Focus of Light), you must sustain and protect this through a strong outgoing force. Still waters become stagnant. Living water must continue to flow in order to maintain its life-giving properties-attributes akin to that which mankind need and require for their continued sustenance. Or alternatively, water that is ‘suspect’ must be boiled in order to cleanse it-consciously applying the Fire and the Flame to that which is less than perfection in order to assist it in becoming vital and beneficial once again. In order to really remove a cesspool, you must actively do something to make that pool a part of the main flow again, for all bodies of water that become severed from the main flow eventually become stagnant from want of the Life-giving Force, to ultimately dry up until such time as a ‘downpour’ from Heaven gives it new Life and a new beginning.”

Excerpt from the teaching of – The Goddess of Harmony

Source: Ascended Masters Teaching