“ACCEPTANCE of what you see, in the Light of what you are-without regard for what you were-is your assurance that YOU WILL BE more than what you are NOW. Confidence in oneself is of great importance, for this allows you to relinquish all hold on past associations, knowing that they were but stepping stones to where you are today. It is only the insecure who tenaciously cling to the ‘stepping stones of past experience.”

“There is many a pitfall along the Spiritual Path into which a (chela) student may stumble, but the four most important to be avoided are these:

i) Comparing what you are being told with what you already ‘believe’. If it is just a belief, then you do not truly know it, and therefore it cannot be used as a legitimate comparison!

ii) Comparing an illuminating experience of the NOW with a similar experience you might have had in the past.

iii) Comparing what you experience with what you expected to experience!

iv) Comparing an experience with what you ‘think’ would be experienced by another lifestream.”

“The Divine Gift of Discernment is gained through EXPERIENCE! Only you can experience it. ONLY YOU CAN MAKE YOU! When you have reached the plateau of true knowing you will gladly accept anything and everything into your consciousness, storing it (whenever necessary) ‘on the shelf’ [or ledge; hence KNOW-LEDGE] until it may be sorted out. You will not fearfully block it at the portal of your conscious awareness, ‘frisking’ it to see whether it will fit into your carefully contrived concept of life.”

How will you grow in Spiritual stature if you accept only that which you wish to believe? Belief and acceptance are not synonymous. BELIEF IS ACCEPTANCE WITHOUT EXPERIENCE.”

By Master Kuthumi

Source: Ascended Masters Teaching