The Word Of Power 

“The word “I AM” is the word of Power . . . . but “I AM” can only be a powerful word in that it is applied to Power.” “I AM” is a state of Being, not a state of doing.”

“I AM Victorious!” doesn’t necessarily mean that IT IS, or that it even will be. You’ve got to do it yourself-willing it with all of your heart, your mind, and your spirit, and doing what you aspire to do, according to the Will of God, PHYSICALLY . . . . bringing another facet of the Kingdom of God into realization as you come to the realization of your Being within the Cosmic Scheme of Divine Purpose and Action.”

But the Law of God does not allow you to center yourself IN God, and then add something that is not of God. If you say, “I AM evil”, it does not mean that you are, or that you are going to be. “I AM” is of the LIVING GOD, while evil relies upon the inversion of The Law of God.”

[It has been taught that if you say “I am” before anything else, that these words will give the Power to what follows, such as: “I am sick”, I am in pain”, “I am unhappy”, “I am this”, and “I am that”,] but the Word “I AM” only gives Power to that which is of God. God does not give Power to evil, people do. “God does not give Power to something that is not of God. Only that which is of God can receive the Power that is of God. Everything else that is not of God has to be created by that which is not of God-namely human will and that which has been created by human will. And therein lies the dilemma.

“I AM” is the beginning, not the end. “I AM” is THE SOURCE, not the solution. “I AM” is the Power to everything that you do that is of God from that point on. “I AM” is the beginning of the road. “I AM” is the statement of Being before you make that next step.”


Source: Ascended Masters Teaching