The Human Personality-Part-II 

 “The natural activity of your lifestream is an outpouring or precipitation of Light, Love, Beauty, Opulence and Perfection which, without interference, would flow ceaselessly as a fountain of all good into the world of the individual.

“Why, then, is there a struggle if the Light that beats your heart is a natural precipitation of all that you could require for glorious living? … Wherein is the interference with this natural flow of the Divine Plan without struggle? It is in the creation of an entity [the human personality] apart from God – the separation of the consciousness from union with all that is-the development of the personality as opposed to your Divine Individuality!

“This personality, evolved by human thinking and accretion of thoughts and feelings of limitation, is a LIE! It has no sustaining power but that of the individual’s faith in it and therefore must sustain itself by unnatural means.

“All work and labor, all limitation result from the personality feeling that it must ‘do’ something to sustain itself. It is therefore, not self-sustained, for it must be sustained by constant effort which proves that it has no natural place in the Universe!

“The consciousness of man has become so enmeshed in personality that he feels himself to be the personality that he wears in each embodiment, and he defends it, protects it, guards it, feeds it, clothes it, and LOVES IT! Through stealing the energy of the Godhead, and through unnatural means, he forces the sustaining of this impostor century after century.

“This is the outer man who is constantly interrupting the natural flow of all Good by his (or her) continuous feeling that he must DO ‘something’. Therefore, he is constantly precipitating, but his or her precipitation merely distorts the pure flow of Life which would automatically fulfill the Divine Plan. This distortion takes place by his qualifying the pure Light of God with thoughts and feelings of limitation, ill-health, etcetera...every act, thought and feeling adding to the constant mass chaos of the world.

“The most difficult task is renunciation of the personal self as the doer, and the calm relaxation of facing that Presence of all Light and Life and allowing It to flow through you and wash you clean!”

By-The Beloved Ascended Master El Morya

Source: Ascended Masters Teaching