The Human Personality! 



Drawn from the Universal Mind

A Gift of Love Recorded By


“Just realize that you, as an individual, have created an entity apart from yourself by using your human, so called ‘free’ will. You create this entity in order to make yourself appear greater than you really are. You are a child of the Light-one with The Whole-and, as such, have the potential to become as great as the God Who created you. This is a process that takes a long time.

Perfection is not the work of a moment. This human personality that you worship is an illusion. It is merely a self-created entity masquerading in the guise of your own Divine Individuality. Just as an actor creates a part with costumes, make-up, and gestures in order to make you believe in the character he or she is playing so, too, it is with you. You have become so enmeshed with your self-created human personality that you think yourself to be that, forgetting your own true Divine Individuality. You believe, therefore, that by destroying the human you will be destroying yourself when, in fact, nothing could be further from the Truth. You can survive magnificently despite exterior influences from your human personality which doesn’t help and, were you to realize it, it only hinders the expression of your true God Identity and potential …. lose it!”

“The human ‘ego’ is the energy of the human personality, but often it is mistaken for the Divine Individuality, because the entity of the personality will always try to masquerade as the real in order to fool its creator-namely you-into believing that it is.”

“An ego cannot bear to look at another ego, for since both are struggling for survival, each sees everything outside of itself as a threat to its own selfish existence. When you are truly humble, you will be able to look at another lifestream directly in the eye without any fear.”

“Nothing permanent can ever be achieved by the force of sheer, human will-and the sooner this is realized the better. Neither can negativity be nullified by the force of human will either. By striving with human will to dis-spell those forces which are undesirable, more times than not there is a tendency to compound that which one is seeking to avoid, because the attention is on the negative effects being dealt with and not on the positive cause within being used to dis-spell such undesirable effects. The secret is just to LET GO AND LET GOD-to experience that Positive Force flowing into, through, and around one’s world and by becoming one with it you will find yourself on a new spiral and inevitably, at yet another new beginning … and that is the Way of Life!”

“The Fire within the heart is always reaching out to envelop all life within the periphery of its aura. It is the human personality, seeing this ‘reaching out’, that forms literally a hardened shield around the heart, thus preventing you from placing your attention elsewhere, and now the personality, once again, has you all to itself.”

“Your human personality will enlist the aid of any ‘friend’, be it in high places or low (except that those in High Places are not willing to ‘lend a hand’!) and so, without the usual help of its creator who, like you, is now desperately trying to be rid of his or her now unwanted creation, the personality then draws upon the only force available, and that is usually the astral forces of darkness. And thus the sinister force have a willing friend in your world through whom they can reach you, and because this ‘friend’ has been formed by you, out of your very own creative energies, it is so very much a part of yourself, and so might not recognize the sinister element that has infiltrated your life until it is almost too late … and, sometimes, this nefarious intruder which has come in, taken over, and possessed your world, is never recognized at all … until it is almost too late.”

Source: Ascended Masters Teaching