A Mahayanist Meditation
from The Sutra of the Sixth Patriarch (AD 668-770)



Every species of life has its own way of salvation,

They will not be antagonistic to one another.

If we leave our own path and seek for another way

Of salvation, we shall never find it.

If one wishes to find the true way,

Right action will lead him to it directly.

He who treads the Path in earnest

Sees not the mistakes of the world.

If we find fault with others,

We ourselves are also in the wrong.

When we perceive other people as being in the wrong,

We should seriously question our own perception.

It is wrong to find fault with others…

This world is the Buddha-world

Within which enlightenment may be sought.

To seek enlightenment by separating from this world

Is as foolish as to search for a rabbit’s horn.

Right views are called ‘transcendental’,

Erroneous views are called ‘worldly’,

But when ALL views, both right and erroneous, are discarded,

Then the essence of Wisdom manifests itself.

Source: Ascended Masters Teaching