The Universal Being Of Man Divine & Human Part-I
By Simon Kehinde 

The Great One known as Aeolus said: “This is the single most important piece of Divinely inspired Spiritual Art ever to have been brought forth since the Masters first returned to Earth, and drew close to the mankind of Earth through Helena Blavatsky in 1851. And the most important single piece of art to have been created spiritually.”

The Upper Figure of the picture represents the Higher Self within each of us. We were created by our Cosmic Parents as a Spirit Spark, and “clothed around by a ‘White Fire Being’.” This is what is known as our ‘Mighty I AM Presence’ or Higher Self. That same Spark exists today in an airless chamber within our physical heart, and is the seat of our consciousness. This is what gives to us eternal life, and is what the unenlightened call the ‘soul’. In the picture, The Presence is represented as being ageless-neither male nor female, occidental or oriental, and regardless of skin color.

The lower figure of the three-in reality, there is only ONE-represents the entity of the human personality, shown as the ‘knees’ of the physical vehicle. Through many centuries of living according to our own rules and excuses, we have become comfortable in a lower vibratory rate of existence. This is what is meant by “the fall of man.” Now we must bend the knee before The Almighty until we hear those precious words on High, “Arise!” It is necessary to sublimate the ‘personality’ and quench the lower desires-beginning with the rootchakra-before we can begin to rise. You have to die to the self before you can truly be ‘born again’ The Master Jesus said this in His Teachings. “Unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it remains as it is: but if it dies, it will produce fruit of its own...(John 12:23)...That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit. Unless one is born again [OF The Spirit] one cannot see the Kingdom of God.” (John 3:3.6).

BY LETTING GO AND LETTING GOD you effectively open up to the Holy Spirit of God to flow through you. This is represented by the in-flowing symbol of the Dove through the top of the head of the now rising (but still kneeling!) figure, the seven chakras being purified...purified...and purified:

rising, and rising, and rising! As you raise the vibratory rate of your physical, emotional, mental, and etheric vehicles you will find yourself slowly becoming one with the “Seamless Garment of White Light” that is the enfolding Presence of Almighty God. Rising step by step you finally stand on the twelfth step, having mastered the twelve Sacred Initiations-representing the Twelve Attributes of Divinity-” become a Pillar in the Temple of the Living God, and ye shall go out no more!” (Rev. 3:12).

It takes so-called ‘time’ to become one with your Presence-that great and mighty Being that is the real YOU-standing there as a great Cross, the Tudor Rose in its Heart-Center representing the ancient and mystical symbol of The Great White Brotherhood. The Three-fold Flame of God resides in the heart of every man, woman, and child-receiving the Love of God{PINK} through your left hand and, with Wisdom {GOLD}, directing that according to your developed consciousness….out with Power, in accord with the will of God {BLUE} through the right hand.

Reach up, reach up, reach forever upwards and ONWARDS, and through the Power of the Holy Spirit of God, receive those Blessings from on High that give to you the forward momentum and Power to become THE WORD made flesh in this lifetime!

Source: Ascended Masters Teaching