By Simon Kehinde 

The intensity of the Light continue! Exposing an awful lot of human creation that is being brought to the surface because of it. There is no place to hide from the Light. This is why it is required for us to use and use and USE the Violet Fire to ‘clean house’, and remove permanently the dirt and grime of mankind’s so-called ‘civilized’ living. For information on Violet Fire go to: https://www.holisticmaster.com/shamanism-blog/89-sacred-fire-of-freedom.html

THE ANALOGY OF WHEAT HARVEST AND THE RODENTS: If you have ever harvested a large field of wheat, you may noticed the tremendous concentration of rodents which cower for shelter in the small stand that remains. As you harvest this final section, these entities scatter in all directions looking for a place to hide, often finding a new refuge within the nearest residence. Likewise, with the strength of the Light, there is no place for the sinister force to hide. They know that their days are numbered, and they also know that the energy required for survival comes from the Godhead. We will not give them this power, and so the only other source from which they can draw it is from a representative of the human kingdom-because, simply put, it was humanity that created them in the first place!

If you remove what is written, you must replace it with that which should have been written in the first place. Remember this, and do not leave yourself wide open for further trouble.

Source: Ascended Masters Teaching