By Simon Kehinde 

PEACE COMMANDING Presence! Peace must always-first and foremost-be won, and then it must be valiantly defended from the often inevitable onslaughts of ‘evil’, or it cannot be maintained and harmony cannot hope to survive.

It is the absolute determination to HOLD and maintain this Peace-to protect this state of spirit, mind, feelings, and general well being from all that would beset it from without that is truly being a PEACE COMMANDING Presence. To be ‘at peace' is not good enough. You must literally fight for it in order to sustain it. You must push out with that Fire of the Divine Will, which comes from your innermost Being, in order that you continue to cause that which you desire instead of being the effect of others that would cause you to be other than that which you desire. Being ‘at peace’ is nothing short of sitting in a vacuum-nothing is apparently affecting you, because, in effect, you are affecting nothing!

You have come into this world to MAKE AN EFFECT-to be a Radiating Presence at all times; to push out and widen the Borders of the Kingdom of Almighty God, and once having established a forcefield (an intensified Focus of Light), you must sustain and protect this through a strong outgoing force. Still waters become stagnant. Living water must continue to flow in order to maintain its life-giving properties-attributes akin to that which mankind need and require for their continued sustenance. Or, alternatively, water that is ’suspect’ must be boiled in order to cleanse it-consciously applying the Fire and the Flame to that which is less than perfection in order to assist it in becoming vital and beneficial once again. In order to really remove a cesspool, you must actively do something to make that pool a part of the main flow again, for all bodies of water that become severed from the main flow eventually become stagnant from want of the Life-giving Force, to ultimately dry up until such time as a ‘downpour’ from Heaven gives it new Life and a new beginning.

Let this not happen to you precious ones, in the name of so called ‘peace’. Maintaining the momentum of the true God-Quality of Peace requires stirring up much of the discord lying in wait in the depths of your ‘pool of being’ letting those cleansing and rushing waters-the Force of the Main Stream-wash all uncleanliness away, to be dissolved in the Great Sea of Forgiveness...leaving your lifestream cleansed and refreshed, your ‘Cup’ overflowing with Divine Bounty and suffused with a purity that cannot be denied by all those who come to you to share from the Chalice of your now overflowing consciousness.

By Beloved Aeolus-Cosmic Representative of The Holy Spirit

Source: Ascended Masters Teaching