Faith In God
By Simon Kehinde 

FAITH IN GOD – THE ONLY POWER! “Faith is the most contagious of all God Qualities… and fear the most infectious of all human qualities!” There is a Magnetic Power of the Heart of God Itself within the Quality of Faith that draws to the lifestream that substance, activity, manifestation and form into which such an one invests the Faith of his (or her) own Life Essence. Literally, where you invest the energies of your individual Faith… there you are, and you draw to yourself all that upon which the attention of your Faith rests.

Man has had ‘faith’ in human beings; ‘faith’ in systems of caste; ‘faith’ in religious orders, in political machinations, or in mystical talisman… and, according to the nature of that in which the Faith of man was voluntarily vested, did the lifestream rep a harvest of smiles...or tears.

[What is the difference between belief and Faith?] Faith is often confused with ‘belief’, and it is this latter which usually leads to those tears, for belief is a product of the outer mind, often merely blind acceptance – rarely, if ever, examined for its basis for Truth – of things unknown or unseen; whereas true FAITH relies on the inner feeling generated by the Heart Flame in response to the call of Truth, even though it has yet to be individually experienced or externalized to the outer senses.

Millions of unhappy men and women have maintain an unreasonable faith (or is it belief?) in the communistic doctrines promulgated by depraved human beings. Because of the Law of Free Will, and the God-given Liberty of Freedom of Choice, no one may deny another the power to invest his or her Faith according to their particular choice, or design. BUT Life-and Life Itself-through the long and relentless course of years and centuries eventually teaches the consciousness of an individual of the Power of FAITH; the DISCRIMINATION necessary to determining wherein that Faith shall be invested; and the HOPE that Faith in God ALONE will bring the nature, feeling, and manifestations of GOD into the individual world of the one so choosing to BELIEVE in THAT SUPREME POWER… working through embodied individuals true… but that Power! Supreme! Master!...ALL!

As this pulsation of Faith is a natural and integral part of the life within every man, every woman, and every child, it became My Service to guard that feeling, even though it might sometimes be invested wrongly, and that the capacity to FEEL that God-attribute of Faith might never die. This has been not a simple task, for man has experimented for so long with the feeling of Faith, in his continual search for ‘happiness’, so often reaping a harvest of disappointment, bitterness, and tears, that many is the time he or she swears to “never believe or trust again”… And here, from the Octave of Light Eternal, I have always entered the Scene!

Better to have loved and trusted, and found the object of affection lacking, than not to have nurtured the capacity to trust at all. For the momentum grows even in dis-disillusionment, and one who is capable of “believing”, in spite of of the pressure of unfavorable circumstances…. When the time comes that the strong shoots of that individual’s Faith are finally tied into God’s Own Blazing ‘track’ of Flame (or bridge) over which the Answers to Every Call may ride triumphant into the heart of the faithful one. Faith, therefore, is one of the most contagious Aspects of Deity! Without vision, the people perish. But I say also… without Faith, they cannot survive to the Eternal Day when the Great Cosmic Angel of the New Dawn draws back the remaining folds of the curtain of Maya, and all of mankind see the Kingdom as it really is… as It always was… and as It ever shall be!… only, increasing in perfection with every pulse beat of humanity.

If you will be so kind as to call for My Presence, and the Presence of the Angels of Faith, to enfold every lifestream who endeavors now to come out from the shadows of individual miscreations, We shall prove that those who TRUST IN THE POWER OF THE LORD GOD shall see manifest, through their every experience, the Absolute Supremacy of That Power. Man, eager and desirous of finding individual security, safety, and peace, will come again to rest on the Bosom of That Presence, Whom We love so well and Whom We live to serve… and to represent to life everywhere!

I stand within That Flame of Immortality which is ALIVE within your physical heartbeat! I KNOW the Power within that Flame! There is no other power that could act, except for your endowment. There are many who have Faith, true… but it is not anchored IN God. It is anchored in the shadows of their own creation. It is for Me to radiate Faith in God as the only Power that CAN act. It is My fervent hope that some among you, at present, will so invite My Presence that I may fire your consciousness with My Conviction and enable you to bear witness to that Kingdom through your outer consciousness into manifestation for this planet, in these crucial years of planetary change.

Beloved Lord Michael, Prince of the Archangels

Source: Ascended Masters Teaching