Alignment Of 4 Lower Bodies
By Simon Kehinde 

The Control of the Four Lower Bodies of Man – Through Alignment of Them!

The control of an individual’s thoughts and feelings is the prerequisite to the alignment of our four lower vehicles (physical, emotional, mental and etheric), they are closely inter-related with one another, whatever affect one eventually will affect the others. The alignment of them is a very necessary step for us to become a clear conduit for the light of God.

The more rapid the vibrations of energy-physically, emotionally, mentally, or etherically – the less discord there is! When our thoughts, our feelings, and our etheric memories (the etheric vehicle, which is the repository of the entire soul record) dwell upon imperfection, we slow down the vibratory action of our electrons, and then the substance of the psychic and astral Realm closes in around them, lowering the entire vibration of our four lower bodies. In this way one become easy prey to depression, poverty or lack of opulence, ill-health, or to any number of the various negative aspects which mankind at large mirror and out-picture today.

It should be emphasized though, that repression of emotions is not the answer in our efforts to sublimate the outer self. Repression of thoughts, emotions, or actions will only cause frustration, which will react in either physical distress or some mental or emotional block in our consciousness. Transmutation of our energies is the only SAFE way to get these vehicles back into alignment. We can use various methods of transmutation, such as constructive service, when one feel a surge of irritation approaching to still oneself for a moment and then do something you know will make someone else happy; do something constructive, and make the energy in the emotional body render some good service, rather than allowing it to explode in the unbridled emotion of the moment.

Mental body: If one have recurrent thoughts of self-pity or depression, and if one continue to go back to thought patterns of impurity, take charge of those thoughts right then and there!! If your mind is inclined to dwell on the negative side of life, put your mind to work on something just the opposite. Give it an inspirational/positive book to read and let the energy just work itself out quietly and harmoniously.

Etheric body: Individuals who have a lot of leisure on their hands and those who have not enough to do, or have too much ‘time’ on their hands, allow the etheric body to continue to spin out records of the past. Again, do some constructive service to your fellowman. This will keep your etheric vehicle from that disintegrating practice of repeatedly energizing and causing you to re-live past errors.

If we do this, eventually we will get the electrons, atoms, molecules, and cells of all our bodies polarized and harmonized long enough to let the Presence of God become fulfilled through us!

From Ascended Masters Teaching