The Mass Consciousness
By Simon Kehinde 

Disconnection from the mass consciousness: When one allow oneself to be over-anxious, over-tired, over-nervous; one let fear come in and rule us, which tie us to the mass consciousness of fear. When we take responsibility for our action, we would see how quickly things clear up. The cause of our dis-ease is not outside of us. We’re the one that allowed our physical vehicle to become so low in vibration that we became record-ant to dis-ease.

“There is only vibration and Consciousness! It is according to your consciousness and the rate of vibration of your four lower bodies that you will be able to raise yourself to the point of contact with the Divine Mind and with the Divine Vibration.”

Therefore, the preventative healing happens by keeping our mind and bodies constantly attuned to the Higher Realms and quickening the vibratory rate of our four lower bodies. Laughter raises our vibrations. Laughter, happiness, joy is a medicine that will help to raise our vibration and heal us as quickly as any tonic.