Restatement Of Life!
By Simon Kehinde 

The purifying momentum of life! All that exists is a constant restatement of life. Everything that appears ‘new’ comes from what already is; and that which is now, WAS...back to the very beginning, before even time began to ‘clock’ and record the cycles of renewal constantly occurring in the expansion of life. What changed? It’s our consciousness that is changed; that is what is ‘new and improved’.

The pressure of the Light and the compelling Force of the Flame never dies. It is ever pushing us to further learn, experience, purify, and rise above our ‘NOW’ level of existence. In the ‘now’ there is no past or future, no old or new, and it is the one space in which one can rest secure. The Flame is ever reaching higher, driving out all that is impure. Purity is essential to the continuation of all life. It is the basis of growth, and there is no end to the purifying process. It goes hand in hand with the elevation of consciousness and experience.

The redemption of accrued karma is the learning process and redeeming method by which a lifestream’s expression of the existence and nature of God is purified. The Ascension Flame is the final step of purification. Thus, maybe one can see now that karma and learning experiences are simply purifying tools. They are necessary to balance the positive flow of life, and in the spiral of life one always come to full circle, yet raised to a greater, more full expression of life and the ability to fashion it. Every aspect of life is looking to be restated, to exist on a higher level. This is the true basis of evolution.

“To make sure of a successful conclusion to the earth round of embodiments, each lifestream has implanted in his (or her) heart a living cell of Divinity, drawn from the Heart of God. It is the nature of all Flames to rise, for They are pure God-energy and God-force. Once drawn forth from the Universal, They are always seeking to return Home from whence They came.”

What affects the creature is the Creator, but does not the Creator’s own creation affect Him as well? This is how life becomes a continuum, a constant restatement of existence.

“You make you”! “What you were given is God’s Gift to you! What you ARE is your gift to God!”

From: The Teaching of Beloved Serapis Bey - Lord of The Ascension Flame