The Answer Is God!
By Simon Kehinde 

The Call Compels The Answer-The Answer is God! The Divine Nature of Grace is a natural Attribute of every Ascended Master or Cosmic Being, and they never come to us unless invited. Similarly, They will not give us advice unless we ask for it...

All prayers are answered in a way that serves the highest good of all according to our capacity to receive (or accept) is the Blessing so given. “There is a Cosmic Law which is inexorable and unchanging, which requires that THE CALL must come from the octave in which the need is felt, for Us to respond. Through self-conscious free will, the lifestream and the consciousness within itself must apply for such Assistance.” Because we are a God or a Goddess in embryo we will learn together with the Angels of Ministration what they have to offer and what Life has to offer us, as we endeavor to control the Life that WE ARE BOUND TO SERVE.

The key to supplication is patience on our part – God and his messengers are as close as our heart. The Angels-indeed ALL of Life – will respond to any sincere call from a God or Goddess in embryo. It is just a question of realizing who we are. We must learn to COMMAND, rather than demand – replace our demands by commanding from within our Almighty I AM Presence! Thus does God communicate with GOD, and the ‘Direct Line’ with a Higher Source that we have sought so long to establish, will thus be assured. But it will only stay in place if we keep such a ‘Line’ open.

“In the Name of the One Mighty God. Peace be unto you! Peace be unto your striving consciousness, your restless mind, your weary body; the Peace of God that does surpass the understanding of the outer mind.”