The Natural Healing Power Of God
By Simon Kehinde 

The Power of God, the Life of God and the Light of God is all around us. It is flowing into us constantly, and according to our purity and our thoughts it is flowing through us and out to heal and bless everyone we touch. However, Faith, and Trust, and enough Love is essential to banish all fear – enough Love to banish all doubt, and ‘plug’ oneself in completely and totally to the Healing Essence that is ever-ready to flow into and through us...

“Into each life a little rain must fall.” It is necessary to experience both the rain, and the clouds, and the Sun, and the wind. The elements come to us in many forms. Everything has a reason. Everything has a cause, and everything has an effect. To love the Source of all Life is to allow yourself to see God in everything and remain open to the Source of All Life. “Everything that has life and breath upon this Earth is OF GOD, even though there are many who have life and breath that abuse the Power of God.”

The Power is there if one will use it. But lack of trust, doubt, and fear will cause ‘blockages’ in our being. It is necessary to remain so open etherically, mentally, emotionally, and physically that every cell, atom, electron, and molecule of our four lower bodies are receiving all Life ALL the time.

Thoughts by themselves are relatively harmless, but when we put the power of the feeling behind them and now one have something that will cause problems perhaps and, sooner or later, if it is perpetuated, day after day, after day, after day, it will manifest itself in the physical form. The thoughts are affecting the feelings, and the feelings are affecting the body. One by one the cells will become blocked in the physical body. The flow of Light into those cells will cease, and that Life Force in the cell will start to stagnate.

All one has to do is change the thought pattern. It must come from within us. Each one of us can be a source of Power for Healing, and we can pour this into the physical, mental, emotional, and etheric vehicle of our fellow man...but they must have Faith, and they must draw on that power. The Power of Healing that our brothers and sisters needs and requires can be theirs if they will just accept it.