By Simon Kehinde 

Mediator or Bridge to connect the God Self with the outer intellect! Unfortunately, there appears to be a veritable plethora of so-called ‘mediators’ in these ‘later days’ saying, “Look, here is the Christ”!… but you can always test their reality in these manner.

If their teaching continually turns the outer self toward the individual’s own God Presence, that mediator comes from God. If such a teacher makes the individual dependent upon his or her personal identity, and keep the aspirant looking to them for instruction and guidance, then such a one is not a TRUE Mediator, or Messenger of the Lord Most High! A ‘Bridge’ is required until the spirit has developed through repeated crossings to the other shore where ALL Truth is attained.

The purpose of a Mediator is to convey the Truth from the Heart of God to the outer minds of individuals who have lost their personal and direct contact with their own Divinity… and have yet to regain their total ONENESS with it. When this purpose has been accomplished, no mediator or transmission of consciousness is required, but until this point is reached, the outer mind of men, unable to rise to the inspiration of their own Higher Selves, are benighted.

Through the Mercy of God they are given enlightenment by those who have attained a degree of evolution wherein they may climb the Mount of Attainment, assimilate the Truth, and carry the knowledge of that Truth back to the pilgrims on the Path. A man who is starving is wise to walk across the Bridge” to the land where his supply, and food, and clothing, and sunshine are easily acquired; not condemning the ‘plank’ of the bridge, but availing himself of the blessings of life that such a ‘span’ affords! Excerpt From – The Ascended Masters Teachings