The Gifts!
By Simon Kehinde 

The enfolding Spirit of the Mother! The power of the Holy Spirit, the Gifts of the Spirit, all come together to create the power of comfort. The Divine complements of the Archangels of the Seven Rays, the Archai, embody the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit. The Seven Archaii are specifically here to serve mankind.

They are as follows: The First Ray of of God’s Will, Protection and Faith-Lady Faith; The Second Ray of Illumination, Wisdom and Understanding-Lady Constance; The Third Ray of Divine Love-Lady Charity; The fourth Ray of Purity, Resurrection and Hope-Lady Hope; The Fifth Ray of Science and Healing-Lady Patience; The Sixth Ray of Peace and Ministration-Lady Grace; The Seventh Ray of Transmutation, Freedom and Divine Ceremonial-Lady Humility. For mor details go to:

Ray Colour: Royal Blue; Golden Yellow; Pink; Crystalline; Emerald Green; Ruby Gold; and Violet respectively.

The Seven Archangels-Embody the Qualities of each Sphere. They are as follows: Michael; Jophiel; Chamuel; Gabriel; Raphael; Uriel and Zadkiel respectively.

Angels radiate the positive Qualities of God. Angels answer our prayers for assistance: Healing, Violet Fire, etc.

Source: From Ascended Masters Teachings archive.