Reincarnation Demystify!
By Simon Kehinde 

LIFE GOES ON! When we are reborn Nature is concerned primarily with only one thing, and that is our education. She teaches us through experience. Each experience which comes to us, great or small, is part of the teaching. Naturally we do not all attend the same classes or study the same lessons, for we are not all of the same soul-age, yet each one receives just those experiences which are needed to insure its next step forward in evolution.

Living more than one life means that there is hope for everyone, and because we live more than one life then it isn’t just one ‘make or break’ life, go ‘up’ or go ‘down’ it is eternal, that we keep on returning again and again in different forms until we have learned to control energy. (not necessarily animal forms as some believe, but different physical human forms,) this takes away the control by fear, instead it shows then that God is always loving, always forgiving, always just, and always merciful!