The Ascended Masters
By Simon Kehinde 

Brothers and Sisters of The Great White Brotherhood, sometimes called ‘The Great White Lodge.’

The word ‘White’ does not, of course, refer to the color of the physical skin of the Individual, but to the Aura, and seamless garment, of White Light which emanates from the Etheric (and sometimes physical form) of Those so developed in Spiritual Learning and Understanding. They come to us as a great Team of Ones that we call ‘Ascended Masters’.

“The Great White Brotherhood-composed of Souls just like you, and Who once attempted and succeeded in ‘handling’ all the vicissitudes of life. And They succeeded, and moved on to Higher Realms for there was nothing more for Them to learn on Earth. When you reach that stage, where there is nothing more for you to learn, that is when you gain your Ascension! That is when you move on to Higher Things.”

“We have all walked the way of Earth, for this is the nature of The Great White Brotherhood. There is not one in The Great White Brotherhood that has not been through the wheel of birth and death on Earth. This is not necessarily so with the Spiritual Hierarchy, and this is the great difference.”

“The Brotherhood has but one purpose in Being-to reach AND TEACH the individual and collective consciousness of all the people of Earth and raise them to a spiritual awareness of the Immortal Three-fold Flame withing their physical hearts; so that by sufficient expansion of that Flame they might also become, individually, a Lord of the Flame as have their Divine Mentors.”