The River Of Life
By Simon Kehinde 

Excerpt: From The Ascended Master Teaching

The River of Life flows on... and all must eventually travel Its full course upstream, returning to the Source from whence they came. No one is immune. Many a natural obstacle will be faced, just as one would encounter the rapids on one of your great rivers in the natural world of form. However, through the downward progression of evolving life, it is the ‘banks’ which have become the haven for many a distracting influence.

The key to your success, in completing what you started so long ago, lies within the strength of your Inner Light. We desire to draw you Home to your God Parents, but to help you over each and every obstacle is to effectively delay your progress. For it is according to your abilities in traversing the ‘rapids’ of life which show to Us the degree of your mastery and skill in the control of God-energy. To pass the Initiations that the Divine Initiator present before you is to prove to Us your TRUE INITIATIVE… and that you found your way unaided. We will walk beside you, but never will We carry you over obstacles!

The individualized Christus was given to each of you as an infallible Guide on the journey Home, back to your Cosmic Parents. THE CHRIST will be your only companion, and will instruct you every step of the way… if you will but learn to listen in the silence to Its ‘still small voice’. The Christ resides within the Three-fold God-Flame of Love, Wisdom and Power, pulsating in your heart center; for therein is the purest part of your true being.