The Spiritual Path
By Simon Kehinde 

Excerpt: From The Ascended Master Teaching

“Beloved Master, why is it that so many earnest spiritually-minded men and women suffer financial lack and physical distress? Should not these men and women be amongst the manifest examples of opulence and health?”

First-Each man or women who sets their feet upon the Spiritual Path must begin just where they are...and not where they would like to be! Profession of Faith, offers of service and acceptance of responsibility do not change one whit the heritage of personal Karma, any more than applying for a position (in your world of form), and acceptance by the prospective employer, changes the qualifications of the applicant.” We cannot – and will not-do it for you. Our chelas (student) must perform on their own with only occasional assistance.

Second-The student upon the Path immediately comes under an accelerated action of the Law of Cause and Effect. The energy returning to each one (which he or she has sent out in previous embodiments as causes of imperfect nature) must be returned to such an one to be purified, transmuted and returned to God in the same perfect expression with which it was originally received from The Source. The Cosmic Law states that no soul can receive more destructive karma back into their experience in one life than their developed consciousness can transmute and master.

Third-Every student is a part of the mass karma of the race, the nation, the planet, and the evolution to which they belong. The conscious students volunteer to accept the added service of dissolving much of the mass karma along with their own.

Fourth-Strong individuals, sometimes volunteer in a Cosmic Moment to stand as Spiritual Guard around certain dedicated lifestreams, screening out the directed energies (visible and invisible) that would seek to destroy them, because of the Activity in which they might even be involved, or for which they are directly responsible to the Godhead to guide and sustain. Let no man loook at another in judgment, for that one might well be working out the karma that would otherwise be weighing heavily upon the soul entrusted to their charge.

Fifth-The seeming happiness, security, and well being of certain individuals in the world is built on good endeavors in the past, true...but it has no assurance of permanence until the consciousness can create and sustain such conditions at will. The individuals who have placed their feet upon the Spiritual Path will find no security, happiness, nor permanent peace whatsoever in being the unconscious recipients of the gifts of ‘dame fortune’.

Sixth-The soul of the average individual spends a good hundred to one thousand years in the Octaves of Light between embodiments, which allows the individual to gather much reserve energy in the emotional and mental vehicles and to work out much accumulation of discord in the etheric body, and to return to Earth life renewed in spirit”. However, this is for the average individual, or one who would be considered ‘of the masses’. This rarely applies to conscious students on the Spiritual Path. Those who are engaged in the spiritual ‘push’ of the hour have sacrificed this sojourn in the Heavenly Realms, and Its consequent reprieve from the vicissitudes of earthly experience-some of you re-embodying within a year after laying down your previous Earth garment, and a few even abandoning one body before its dissolution and accepting another.

This sacrifice often is apparent in a seeming lack of physical energies, as well as what is known as ‘nervous’ tension. All of these factors are the results of conscious sacrifice upon the part of individuals who are looked upon by the very beneficiaries of their selflessness (their fellowman) with scorn and question. Be unconcerned...for We were treated thus, when We walked the Earth prior to gaining Our God-Freedom!